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Apr. 12th, 2009

childrearing kudos

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Happy Easter, my kids gave themselves  haircuts  Phoebe has about as much hair on top as a 90 year old man.

Feb. 2nd, 2009



Found out the tax refund is $4000 dollars. Whooppeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dec. 25th, 2008

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Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Good Kwanza and all the other Holiday salutaions!

Dec. 19th, 2008


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Can I just say I don't give a fart about white christmas mumbo jumbo, a foot in a half of snow in one morning is god damn ridiculous!

Nov. 23rd, 2008

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My little brother is on life support in a coma. He got kicked by a horse yesterday point blank in the chest.  It stopped his heart and gave him some internal injuries. I feel so wretched because I'm always mean to him. Not in a mean mean way, just in a big sister sort of mean way. I don't think I've ever told him I loved him. And if he dies, he'll die thinking that I just thought of him as a pesky little brother that I had to endure on holidays. In high school I always resented him. He was born from an affair my dad had that caused my family to split up, and he is my dad's only son and as thus treated as a favorite.  I'm a horrible person, I know but since then I've come to care for him and I don't know what I'd do if I never get the chance to let him know that.

Oct. 16th, 2008

Monk Crazy

When will I stop being afraid


Yesterday I Arranged for girls to see Nathan at his mothers house at 3:30 pm, he told me he would be there, he called and 3:45 to say he would arrive 15 minutes.

Picked up the girls at 6:00 Phoebe had peed in her pants without being changes or cleaned up, and Daphne had a poopy diaper.

Argued about personal property, Nathan said he wouldn’t call next week to see the girls because he had leave for work tomorrow


And then today,

Nathan was at the neighbors all day after he told me he couldn’t see the girls because he had to work. Phoebe saw his car and was very upset and cried and cried. Saying Daddy didn’t want to see her. I told her it wasn’t his car and that he was at work. I shouldn’t have lied, but I just want to protect her little feelings and not let her know too much about what is really going on.

When I first saw his car I panicked, and called Logan Police they told me since the protective order hadn’t been signed by the judge they couldn’t do anything.

The court called me around 4 pm to tell me that the judge had signed the order and I told them I would pick up the papers in the morning.

At about 7 pm I texted Nathan to ask him to leave the neighborhood that I felt intimidated because when I went outside he would be outside at the neighbors smoking me and staring me down. He told me he hadn’t been served so he could do what he wants.

I called Logan police again and asked to have an officer assist me while I brought my groceries in, they had been in my car all day and I am afraid to go outside. I explained about the protection order being signed and him not leaving, the officer who responded told me that he had to be served by the county and nothing could be done until then. And that he probably wouldn’t be served until Monday. Ha he’ll be out of town. So I put my groceries away and went to throw away garbage. Nathan and the neighbors were outside and he started yelling something at me, I couldn’t understand  because they were all laughing.  I went quickly inside and shut the door.


When will I stop being afraid. I feel broken and lost and I think I'm going crazy

Oct. 5th, 2008

(no subject)

Today is my birthday, the only Happy Birthday I got was from my mom and best friend.  Fuck everyone else.

Aug. 11th, 2008

(no subject)

I'm soooooooooo  bored today. Somebody somewhere I need something to do before I go nuts!

Jun. 8th, 2008

I'm a failure

I saw this and had to steal it for my own post, my mother always tells me I was born after my time, I think this proves she was wrong. HAHA


As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Poor (Failure)

Take the test!

Apr. 22nd, 2008

Writer's Block: Almost Famous

What do you want to be famous for?
I want to win the lottery. I came as close as I will get probably the other week, on april ninthe the powerball numbers were 3 13 19 32 46 with the powerball being 18. The numbers on my tocket were 3-13-19-31-44 with the powerball of 23. Someday I will win I know it. Why? Because it is proven that lightening hits the same place all the time, I just need this bolt to be a few centimeters away from where it was last time.

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